• Highly Rated Hospitals

    Accredited by TJC and CAPS ensures patients the highest quality of care

  • Highly Trained Multidisciplinary Care Team

    Ensures patients receive the most advanced and innovative treatments

  • Long Term Acute Care Facilties

    For patients with highly acute, medically complex conditions

  • Skilled Nursing Centers

    Serving the DC area with long term care and short term rehabilitation

  • Our New Outpatient Surgery Center

    Offers patents and physicians a full service, multi-specialty surgery center

Welcome to Specialty Hospital of America

Focused on Medical Excellence.

Specialty Hospitals of America is a different kind of healthcare company. These differences are manifested in our corporate philosophy, our healthcare facilities, and most importantly, our employees and staff. Our mission is to deliver high quality, cost effective healthcare in the communities we serve.

SHA‘s vision is providing focused centers of medical excellence in its owned hospitals and nursing facilities. We service the Washington, DC area with two, long term accute care hospitals, 2 skilled nursing facilities, and an outpatient surgery center. All dedicated to providing a high level of service and value to –

  • Our Patients
  • Our Physicians and Staff
  • The Families of Our Patients
  • The Communities We Service

Ownership & Management Create Successes

When SHA purchased Capitol Hill Hospital and Hadley Hospital, both were under severe financial stress. Their continued viability was uncertain. SHA brought a new vision that called for deep changes in clinical competencies and creation of Focus Centers of Medical Excellence. Core competencies, or “service offerings” at the Hospitals were narrowed and deepened, such that the clinical leadership became among the best in the country.

Today, despite the challenges to healthcare funding in the USA, these hospitals are fiscally successful, and reinvest much of their eanrings back into the facilities for further improvement of equipment, service, and patient care.